The Need for End of Life Planning


It has happened time and time again that families are taken by surprise by the death of their loved ones leaving them clueless as to what to do first.  Many just don't want to face the inevitable and some families do think about planning ahead for their loved ones death so when it finally comes, they are unsure what to do first.


By preparing your family for the end of your life, you are giving them a good gift.  Perhaps you have already created a will or a trust, the start of your estate planning.  However, most Americas done have any plans for their estates.  If you want to pre-plan your future financial wishes, making a will or trust is the right step in that direction.  Your family's immediate concern, however, is not included in this planning.


The persons responsible for taking care of your final arrangements are usually forced to make extremely important decisions and financial purchases in a very short time, usually within 48 hours after your death.  During that difficult time, you can no longer alleviate the emotional and financial stresses that your loved ones are going through at that time, but you can help tremendously by planning your funeral wishes. Know about the Legacy Journey here!


Estate planning should not only stop at creating a will but also taking care of your funeral expenses before hand.  You family can focus on grieving and recovery if you make a funeral pre-plan wherein your choose your method of disposition, type of services etc.  It is important to pre-plan your funeral while you thought processes are still calm and clear so that you can make decisions which are extremely important.  You will create a more rational and logical end-of-life plan.


IF it one thing to plan funeral arrangements, but it is a more helpful thing to actually pre-pay or pre-arrange your funeral services by taking care of actual expenses.


It does well to pre-pay your funeral or cremation since today it is a fast growing and appreciated aspect of funeral planning.  Like preplanning your funeral, paying your funeral expenses in advance is also becoming widely accepted by many financial professionals as a solid piece of sound financial and estate plan. 


Prepaying funeral plans can be done through savings and life insurances.  These are reliable and are readily available.  You can also look for other strategies when pre-paying your funeral costs or expenses.


You can get funeral insurance so that you can cover your funeral expenses.  Here you have the option to determine exactly which funeral costs or expenses are to be covered such as flowers, burial plot, grave marker, and more. Read Dave Ramsey Legacy Journey here!

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